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NCAA student-athletes, coaches, administrators and more are part of meaningful experiences on campuses across the country every day, but many don’t get the attention they deserve. We want to tell your local story to the NCAA’s national audience through our various platforms:,, Champion magazine, social media and our webpage dedicated to former NCAA student-athletes.

We’re not looking for box scores, game recaps or highlights, but the compelling stories that happen every day on the periphery of the playing field, court, pool or track. We’re thirsty for an array of ideas including, but not limited to: 

· Accomplishments that extend beyond the playing field
· Achievements of former student-athletes in their careers and in life after college
· Compelling leaders on campus
· On- and off-campus community engagement programs (e.g. charity work)
· Ways to illustrate the values of fair competition
· Important historical moments that can be reintroduced to new generations
· Extraordinary or surprising athletic achievements or coaching milestones

Send us a story pitch, a video, photos or a link to a story you’ve published or seen elsewhere and we will consider it for use on one of the NCAA’s platforms. While we can’t pursue every story we receive, we welcome your submissions and encourage you to submit new ideas often. An NCAA communications staff member will reach out to you if we pursue your idea or use any media you’ve attached. Thank you for your submissions and we look forward to working with  you.     

We're looking for stories that illustrate how being an NCAA student-athlete translates into success later in life. If you know a former college athlete with a compelling story, send us your ideas, videos, photos and/or links to your published work or stories you’ve seen elsewhere and we will consider it for use on the NCAA After the Game web page.

If your idea is selected, we will ask for photos of the former athlete from his/her collegiate playing days and current photos of he/she in the workplace. An NCAA communications staff member will reach out to you if we pursue your idea or use any media you’ve attached. Content areas are:

Life After the Game is a series of stories that highlight the accomplishments of college players after sports and the lessons learned through the student-athlete experience that help them achieve their goals in life. 

Playing it Forward showcases how former college athletes continue to give back locally and globally through community service.

NCAA After the Game Career Center includes original content and links to published stories and blog posts that provide job seeking advice and hiring best practices.

Health and Wellness includes stories and blog posts on how to stay healthy and well after college.

Where Are They Now reflects briefly on the success a student-athlete had in in NCAA athletic competition and what he or she is doing now.
(e.g. In the 1989 season opener, United States Air Force Academy's Dee Dowis set the Division I Football Bowl Subdivision record for most rushing touchdowns scored by a quarterback in a single game. He made six successful runs against San Diego State University and now works as a manager for Pfizer Pharmaceuticals.)

What People Are Saying
 are your testimonies on the overall impact the student-athlete experience has in preparing them for life, how the leadership laboratory of college sports helped them succeed in his or her chosen profession, as well as employers talking about the benefits of hiring and working with former college athletes.

Ends on January 1, 2018
The NCAA social media team wants to amplify the incredible things soccer athletes are doing on the field, in the classroom and in the community. If you have any interesting feature stories, videos or photos, please share those with us.