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The NCAA Board of Governors established the Constitution Committee to draft a new NCAA Constitution. The committee consists of 28 members representing all three divisions and is engaging the NCAA membership, student-athletes and other key stakeholders to help inform their work.

This form is intended as an additional opportunity for individuals, schools, student-athletes, governance bodies, conferences, partner organizations, and other key constituents to provide input to the Constitution Committee outside of their existing processes. The committee will review input provided through this link and seriously consider it during their discussions.

NCAA student-athletes, coaches, administrators and more are part of meaningful experiences on campuses across the country every day, but many don’t get the attention they deserve. We want to tell your local story to the NCAA’s national audience through our various platforms:,, social media and our webpage dedicated to former NCAA student-athletes. 

We’re not looking for box scores, game recaps or highlights, but the compelling stories that happen every day on the periphery of the playing field, court, pool or track. 

Send us a story pitch, a video, photos or a link to a story you’ve published or seen elsewhere and we will consider it for use on one of the NCAA’s platforms. While we can’t pursue every story we receive, we welcome your submissions and encourage you to submit new ideas often. An NCAA communications staff member will reach out to you if we pursue your idea or use any media you’ve attached. Thank you for your submissions and we look forward to working with  you.     

We’re looking to share your best content on the national stage! When evaluating content ideas and produced pieces for potential amplification, keep these parameters in mind:

Compelling human interest stories that share the value of the college athlete experience. 

  • Did a walk-on just get awarded a scholarship?
  • Does your team captain carry a 4.0 in engineering?
  • Is a member of your team a first-generation college student?
  • Do your student-athletes make a difference in the community?

First-person student-athlete content. 

  • Takeovers -- Day in the life of a student-athlete (classes, workouts, study time, etc.) to be featured on the ncaasports Instagram account.

Pre-produced content.

  • Short, consumable pieces.
  • Videos less than 2 minutes in length.
  • Quote graphics.

Coverage of record-breaking performances, extraordinary accomplishments and acts of sportsmanship.